Advanced Training Programme on Investment Promotion and Economic Development (IPED)

Programme Aim

In recent years we have seen a rapidly increasing international competition in attracting investment resources. At the global level these resources will increasingly be allocated to those areas that can offer the best return to investors, are politically stable, provide high productivity inputs and offer the most attractive investment incentives and best services. Almost every country in the world has at least one national investment promotion agency (IPA) and several have sub-national local development agencies whose primary purpose is to seek out, attract and capture the best available investment resources for their development area. There are already hundreds of such organisations worldwide and they appear to be set to multiply. In this respect there is a growing demand for capacity building. Competing successfully in an increasingly global business world requires IPA staff with a good understanding of investor needs, with an ability to develop strategies and policies in creating a suitable environment to attract them, and with the necessary skills required to conduct daily operations efficiently and effectively. 

The purpose of this Advanced Training Programme is to provide a combination of critical and analytical skills in relevant subjects which are underpinned by theoretical and practical knowledge of the key issues in investment promotion and economic development. The strongest theme of the programme will be the critical assessment and evaluation of investment promotion activities, inputs and outputs in relation to their impact on economic development.



The programme contains seven core modules and the Project module. Participants normally study two 20 credit modules per semester.

  • Best Practice Investment Promotion & Evaluation
  • Investment Promotion & Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Business Planning & Financing Direct Investment
  • Technology Transfer & Foreign Direct Investment
  • Business Negotiations
  • Project Evaluation
  • Research Methods
  • Research Project



There is one intake per semester (September / February).


For more information please download our brochure: IPED Advanced Training Information