Study visit in Switzelrand of Economics and Business Students of the British University in Egypt.


Workshops and company visits organised by the Baden International Business School on the “Stucture of the Swiss Economy and Factors Contributing to the High Innovation Level of the Country”.


Introductory workshop on the structure of the Swiss economy and the factors that make the country highly innovative.


The CEO of the Fretz Men shoe factory describing the logisitcs and technology involved in the prodcution of Luxery shoes.


Fatma inspecting a milk production farm at the Swiss Alps.


An executive of the Bucher Factory in Frutingen describes the automatic process and technology involved in the production of hydraulic components.


Attending a chocolate making course at the Frey chocolate factory.


Tasting the different kinds of chocolates produced at the Frey chocolate factory.



Observing the logistic processes at the Lyreco centre for dispatching office supplies.


The Finance director of Lyreco office material dispatch centre available for answering any questions.


Day out at the lake of Zurich.


Boat trip at the Hallwil lake.



At the end of the study visit students are awarded a certificate of participation.


Workshop in Baden January 2016

Training Programme with site visits of managers of the Nigerian Electricity Power Generation Sector, Switzerland 10-14 January 2016

Our site visit to the solar panels on the roof top of the school in Fislisbach was covered in a short article by the local newspaper "Reussbote" on 22 January 2016.

Article Reussbote

Workshop on Leadership and Management, February 2016

Training Workshop in Switzerland on Leadership and Business Management, 22-26 February 2016


The objective of the workshop is to strengthen the capacity of the participants in conducting modern management with particular attention to conducting international business.


The workshop will consist of:

  • A series of lectures delivered by highly experienced academics and practitioners in the field of international business and management;
  • Group discussions;
  • Team work with case studies and subsequent presentations of the participants;
  • Individual coaching sessions to discuss specific actual cases of the day-to-day business with participants;
  • Field visits to industrial and service organisations in Switzerland.

Fixed (compulsory) Modules:

  • Planning International Business;
  • Financing International Business;
  • Project Appraisal;
  • Leadership, Corporate Culture, Business Negotiations;

Optional modules:

  • International Project Management;
  • Labour Management / International Labour Organisation Standards ;
  • Corruption in International Business;

Target participants are Senior staff from Government Agencies, Business Corporations, NGO’s and Labour Unions. 

The tuition fee of USD 3'500 per person includes workshop facilities, workshop material, welcome reception, lunches, farewell dinner in the occasion of the award of the certificates. Not included are travel expenses, hotel accommodation, local transportation and evening meals. 

Workshop dates: 22-26 February 2016, latest arrival in Switzerland is Sunday 21 February 2016.

More Information and Registration Form

Workshop in Dubai, 7 – 14 November 2015

The second time BIBS was co-operating with Graph Associates (Nigeria) to deliver a workshop to 70 participants in Dubai from 7 to 14 November 2015. Subjects related to:

  • Conflict Management;
  • Leadership;
  • Corporate Culture;
  • Business Negotiations;
  • Labour Union Management.