Advanced Training Programmes


Our Advanced Training Programmes aim to develop and enhance specific competence in core and/or specialist areas of the subject. Specialist modules are selected on the basis of the learner's business interest and the trainee’s present and future career objectives. We provide a vehicle for continuing personal and professional development; help to develop the trainee’s ability to examine and analyse the impact of the constantly changing environment (local and international) on the organisation and to respond appropriately at tactical and strategic levels; and develop insights, critical thinking and management skills necessary to function effectively in an investment promotion and/or economic development role and to widen the perspective of programme participants beyond the limitations imposed by their own experience. Finally the programmes aim to promote the development of the intellectual capability, research skills and creative thinking of the trainee to generate original solutions to investment promotion and economic development problems.


Trainees / Participants

Trainees predominantly are full-time staff and executives employed in any business or public sector organisation. Designed for part-time study, the programmes are delivered in such a way as to enable trainees continue with the day-to-day work in their offices during the course.


Study mode

The mode is part-time and distance-training, composed of specially developed material delivered electronically through email exchanges with teaching staff. Skype and telephone calls can be arranged throughout the semester for further consultation. Finally, an intensive oneweek workshop session on Research Methods delivered in Zurich, Switzerland, allows face-to-face training.



Our Programmes

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