About DIAS

DIAS is the private firm that founded, owns and operates the "Baden International Business School" – BIBS. DIAS (standing for "Direct Investment Advisory Services") is an Advisory and Management Training firm based in Baden, vicinity of Zurich, in Switzerland. The firm specializes in providing postgraduate educational programmes, management training, consultancy and management coaching to corporations and governmental organisations all over the world. In addition to a dedicated team of partners DIAS has a large network of associated highly experienced academics and business specialists that can be drawn for specific tasks on a project-to-project basis.

Special service areas of DIAS are:

Training and re-training programmes

DIAS in co-operation with national and international partners offers educational and management training courses in a subjects related to international business and management.

From 2005 to 2015 DIAS, in co-operation with the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, UK, had developed and delivered a MSc programme on "Investment Promotion and Economic Development". In 2012 DIAS has started a co-operation with The British University in Egypt for the development and delivery of the MSc programme on "International Trade and Investment".

DIAS has currently been taking over full responsibility of managing the Baden International Business School (BIBS) in Switzerland.


Management Consultancy and Coaching

Most of the trainers of the network of DIAS have in addition to their deep academic knowledge profound practical experience with business processes and thus there are in excellent position to advise Corporations and Government Organisations in a variety of international management and business subjects.


Board Directorships

DIAS offers, whenever appropriate, its experts to positions as members of Board of Directors, Steering Committees, Supervising Boards of Enterprises, Educational Institutions and Business Associations.


Interim Management
Dias experts are also available to manage client projects or/and take the overall responsibility of managing ad-interim the overall business, or part of business of a client.