About BIBS

The Baden International Business School (BIBS) is a modern educational institution offering training courses in executive management and business. The courses are delivered through:

  • Workshops in our facilities in Baden / Zurich, Switzerland;
  • Workshops in any other part of the world convenient to the attending groups;
  • Study visits to industrial and services organisations;
  • Distance learning programmes in combination with face-to-face workshop sessions.

BIBS offers a variety of standard courses as described under the section programmes. Furthermore, BIBS provides customised programmes to meet the special requirements needs of particular organisations or persons.

We encourage attendance to our programmes by participants from any industrialised or developing country in the world. In designing and delivering our programmes we made efforts to keep fees and expenses as low as possible; and at the same keep the highest quality of education. This should also enable participation of students from developing and least developing countries of the world.

The vision of our school is to see the participants attending our programmes improving their careers through knowledge gained at BIBS, and experience that our alumni make a valuable contribution to the economic and social development of their countries; particularly in the developing world.

The values that BIBS sets as a basis in fulfilling its mission are fairness, transparency, honesty and respect for each other and each other's culture.